Monoflex utilizes a post consumer recycled rubber base with a shock absorbing range of 14-48% EN.  The Monoflex system covers a wide variety of needs from multi-purpose rooms to varsity courts. The base is available in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 9mm, 12mm or 14mm thicknesses. The wear layer is available in 2mm or 3mm. Also available in DIN, which is tested to meet the same requirements as wood flooring. A shock absorption of 48% is achieved by using a rubber and foam base with a reinforcing mesh to give it strength.


The Monoflex HD system is the premier floor in the Champion Floorings product lineup. The rubber base mat is composed of recycled tires granules bound together by a urethane binder. The base is available in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 9mm, 12mm or 14mm thicknesses. The wear layer is available in 2mm or 3mm.

Monoflex Resurface

Does your floor have outdated game lines and cracks across the floor? Is the paint wearing off and now you need to add a pair of pickleball courts? One of the best characteristics of oura urethane floors is the ability to be resurfaced, unlike other types of synthetic sports floors that must be torn out and replaced. Monoflex Resurface helps keep the lifecycle cost low, extending the lifespan of the original underlayment, while reducing landfill waste.


Monoflex SR is a spike resistant floor with 4mm of full depth color urethane to stand up to running spikes. the floor is available as a smoth finish or multiple texture options are available. Monoflex SR has been tested to meet DIN spike resistant requirements. The base is available in 5mm, 6mm, 7mm or 9mm thicknesses. The wear layer is available in 4mm.


The Monoflex Iron system

Available surface textures

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Monoflow Plus is a full depth urethane like the Monoflow system but SBR rubber is mixed in with the base layer for added shock absorption.


The Monoflow system (shown with various granule sizes) is designed to withstand the most demanding floor schedule from P.E. Class to weekend conventions.


Monoflow Resurface is an overpour on top of the original flooring.

Available surface textures


Monoflex is a multi-use synthetic sports floor system that is customizable to your specific needs. The Monoflex system incorporates a 92% post-consumer recycled rubber base mat with organic plant-based adhesive, scratch coat, and wear layer protected by water-based topcoat.

Our underlayment rolled rubber is available in 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, & 14mm.



Rolled Wood Grain Vinyl

Fastbreak is our state-of-the-art, resilient athletic, rolled wood-grain vinyl with matching heat-welded seams and available in a variety of colors for your gym.


  • Closed cell foam backing specifically designed for athletic floors.
  • Superior vertical stability eliminating “area” indentation
  • Absorbs shock and impact
  • Budget friendly option for a traditional suspended maple hardwood floor• Seamless, hygienic & easy to maintain• Optimum traction and slip resistance preventing fatigue and injury

    • Polyurethane finish requiring no additional polish or sealers

    • High elasticity contributes to NCAA Standards for ball bounce.

    • Comfort under foot
    • Acoustically sound for a quiet environment

Golden Cherry                                                                                    Indian Cherry


Tiger Oak                                                                                             Noble Zelkova


Antique Oak                                                                                        Grand Maple


Beige                                                                                                     Gray


Dark Blue                                                                                             Blue


Sky Blue                                                                                              Yellow


Dark Green                                                                                        Orange


Available Fleck Percentage:


All Champion Flooring L.L.C. products and all installations preformed by its employees are warranted against defects for a period of one year.  Champion Flooring will fix or replace free of charge any warranty issue within thirty days of written notification to  Champion Flooring.


All floorings products installed by Champion Flooring must be cleaned with a non-abrasive neutral cleaner. An auto-scrubber, buffer or a mop may be used to apply a properly diluted cleaning solution. The use of a blue or red pad is recommended. Scrub as needed, each facility receives different amounts of use so clean at your discretion. Do NOT use a scrubbing machine for 14 days after installation, only clean by hand. Do not apply a maintenance wax for at least 30 days. Dust-mop at least once a day with an untreated mop.


Champion Flooring also offers rubber goods, 2'X 2' square tiles and square meter rubber tiles in various colors from industry leaders.


  • Folding tables and chairs, if they do not have the protecting boots, will cut the floor.
  • Ink pens will not erase off the floor.
  • Certain liquids may leave a stain if not cleaned immediately.
  • Do not turn on cleaning head rotation on a dry floor.
  • If game tape is used remove periodically.
  • Install volleyball post carefully and do not drag post.
  • Monitor bleacher wheels and other moving parts.
  • Do not use sandpaper, steel wool or abrasive cleaners.


  • Dust mop after the usual daily activities and after games.
  • Rinse the floor with cold water after every other cleaning.
  • Remove high heels at  events to protect the dance area.
  • Indoor non-marking shoes only, street shoes may leave marks that are hard to clean.


Citris Cleanser, a nuetral non-abrasive cleaner: $75.00 per 5 gallon pail. Contact us for ordering information.